HighTidings – BAC Bedrooms

Earlier on in the year I worked with the awesome Emma Frankland designing and making a suite of Artist residence for the Battersea Arts Centre. We worked with traditional artisans from their native Cornwall to design a hive of beautiful rooms celebrating elements of the Cornish landscape and traditional crafts, such as rope-making and sign-painting. On Monday 4th April the artists were joined by a brass band outside Hall for Cornwall in Truro to ceremonial process to Battersea Arts Centre with a giant pasty (documented on Twitter: #pastysprogress). Upon arrival the rooms were awakened through song, with recordings available for future artists residents to listen to on record players. There are more details of the many artists that we worked with @ www.Hightidings.uk

Heres a few pics. Enjoy. x

[Group 1]-DMH_0734_DMH_0775-42 images [Group 2]-DMH_0684_DMH_0730-47 images [Group 7]-DMH_0522_DMH_0559-38 images DMH_3292 DMH_3296 DMH_3300 DMH_3312 DMH_3313 DMH_3315 DMH_3317 DMH_3321 DMH_3349 DMH_3355 DMH_3357 DMH_3368 DMH_3390 DMH_3417 DMH_3419 DMH_3440 DMH_3445